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Canoe Pack and Camping Gear Specials- SUMMER SALE Extended Thru August 31,2014

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Deluxe Tarp 10'x12'
The Deluxe Taped Tarp is exceptional in strength, quality and VALUE. The edges are reinforced wit..
$92.95 $83.95
Outfitter Special
Probably our #1 canoe pack, and for very good reasons. The Outfitter Special is just the grea..
$193.95 $157.95
Outfitter Expedition
Kondos Outfitter Expedition is the largest canoe pack in our line of canoe packs. 8,300 CI, Total..
$202.95 $165.95
Outfitter Explorer
The Outfitter Explorer Pack has all the bell and whistles you might need in an equipment pack for..
$193.95 $157.95
Guide Pack - 3 Pockets
The Boundary Waters Guide Pack is the #1 seller of the packs in this series. This is just a real ..
$107.95 $87.95
 Trail Pack - 3 Pockets
The Trail Canoe Pack is the largest of the 3 packs in this series. This is just a real handy pack..
$112.95 $94.95
Equipment Canoe Pack
The canoe pack for your kitchen equipment is our large food pack equipped with 2 side pockets. We..
$132.95 $109.95
 Insulated Food Pack -Large
Check around and you'll see that Kondos Outdoors Insulated Cooler Food Pack is a great value!..
$203.95 $166.95
Large Food Pack
Food Pack (Large): 17" x 24" - 11.5 Gusset   All Kondos Outdoor's food packs h..
Plastic Corrugated Box with Lid
NEW! NEW! NEW! We have found a NEW box for the food packs. These corrugated plastic boxes are..
$39.95 $33.95
Plastic Corragated Box - NO LID
NEW! NEW! NEW!  Box is on the left in the photo We have found a NEW box for the food..
$26.95 $21.95
# 4 Canoe Pack
Kondos Outdoors #4 is often used to carry the large and bluky sleeping bags, pads ..
$111.95 $92.95
# 3.5 Envelope Pack
#3-1/2 - 29"x30" The 3 1/2 canoe packs have a 3 section inside pocket. They are use..
$100.95 $83.95
# 3 Envelope Canoe Pack
Kondos Outdoors #3 Standard Canoe Pack - 29"x27" These packs have a 3 sectioned inside ..
$98.95 $81.95
Food Pack Bear Hanging System
SALE PRICE REDUCTION Hanging your food packs is a MUST. This Canoe Pack Hanging System is you..
$72.95 $59.95