About Our Products

Canoe Packs, Food Packs, Hunting Packs

expedition.jpgKondos Outdoors produces a variety of packs, from the traditional canoe style packs to the new high-end designs. Like the majority of today's canoe packs, they're made from Cordura nylon.  The big difference is our Cordura Nylon is produced here in the US.  There is a big difference in the quality of domestic produced fabrics and their coatings. Leather straps are available on some packs by special order, but they do require some maintenance, while the padded nylon straps are maintenance-free.

All of our packs have side handles (placed low so you can get a good lift on your packs). Kondos Outdoors Insulated Cooler Food Packs are a great value!! They "ARE" the pack to use for your cold foods.

Kondos packs come in the original envelope and rectangular shapes. The envelope style assumes a large pillow shape when loaded, which makes it sit closer to your back for easier carrying. An envelope pack also will hug the bottom of the canoe, making for a low center of gravity. But they won't sit up on their own. The rectangular packs have flat sides and bottoms and usually will stand up when loaded. Rectangular packs often are used as food packs because bulky items fit more easily and you can stand them up while digging down to find something.

Kondos Outdoors high-end Outfitter Series features a detachable waist belt, compression straps, side handles, inside foam pockets, and an extension collar with a drawstring that can be used to increase the load carrying capacity.  These packs offer a great load capacity as well as supreme comfort.  Youo can now choose the the size and style that best suit your canoing and camping needs.

Camping Gear Tarps, Sleeping Bags, Camping Bags

tarp.jpgKondos Outdoors produces a variety of camping gear that’s perfect for your favorite outdoor recreation. Whether it’s camping, fishing, hiking, or hunting, we provide camping gear the fits your needs.

Kondos Outdoors tarps are special. We’ve found the weak area in tarps is around the grommets. We eliminated the problem by replacing the grommets with webbing tie out tabs. The webbing is rolled and reinforced in the triple hem. Our tarps are constructed of 1.9 oz coated Rip-Stop nylon (made in the US). The fabric is milled for us with UV inhibitors, fire retardant and a highly water resistant coating.

We also offer a wide variety of camping accessories, including sleeping bag compression bags, anchor bags, utensil bags, tent and tent pole bags, and more.

Dog Gear Harnesses, Collars, Dog Booties, Skijoring Equipment

harnesses.jpgKondos Outdoors produces a variety of dog gear, including standard weight nd heavy duty dog collars; racing and long-distance dog harnesses; single-layer and double-layer dog booties; rope, cable and lead lines; QCR plastic runner;skijoring and mushing books; skijoring equipment; dog jackets and blankets; and dog sled bags.

NOTE: Due to weight, some of the shipping charges on multiple items may be less than generated by your order form. We will make necessary adjustments when we ship your order. Your invoice will reflect this lower shipping cost.

Fabric & Webbing

webbing.jpgWe are making available for you,  the various outdoor fabrics, webbing and hardware we use here at Kondos Outdoors.  We are working on developing these pages.  Check back often to see our progress.